Connecting with your heart’s journey of awakening 

Learn to find healing, self-expression, and connection to Spirit and Nature, through the guided creation of a Sacred Drum – your own individualized, portable altar. Sacred Drums are beautiful Tools that can take anyone to a state of bliss and grace very quickly, without needing years of guru, leader or practice to show us how.

The beauty and love has arrived! What an amazing gift you have with your creations. I am sobbing with tears that cry a strong connection to my Irish ancestors. Joy, Joy, Joy! Thank you, Laurie, for sharing this precious gift in this time and space. I humble at this.”   – Jane, Tasmania

As a sacred artist, I am commissioned by clients to intuitively create one-of-a-kind Sacred Drums through a process I call, “co-Birthing” (drawing in the spirit of the Drum together). The magic begins with my client tapping into their own intuition through a meditation process that I give them – a kind of “heartwork.”  Once I receive their Heartwork, I begin the Birthing process by taking a Drum Journey on their behalf, to speak with my clients (and my own) Ancestors, Spirit Guides, Guardians, and the Ancient Ones, who communicate the Vision for the Drum’s artwork and creation. Then, I allow this Vision to come through my hands into my clients Sacred Drum. When it is Birthed, an Awakening Ceremony is performed, where I once again take a Drum Journey and bring information back for my client, from the spirit of the Drum as It presences Itself. This process is caught on camera and sent to my clients.

Come behind the scenes with me as I take you on a magical visionary journey to explore the process of how I co-birth a Sacred Drum. What you will witness are actual clips from a video that was created for one of my beloved clients.

What is it liked to be called by Spirit? For me it is a knowing, a connection, being drawn in the direction I need to go. I was looking for a new drum for the new direction that my path was taking me. I came to Laurie’s website and felt a connection to her, her story and her path. I knew Spirit directed me to her. I know there is a time and a place to make your own tools and sacred objects. And there is a time and a place when you work with another, your Spirits and hers, to create, birth a sacred object with the synergy of all, greater than the parts. If you are called to work with the Drum and the Spirits guide you to Laurie’s website and encourage you to get a Drum, it will be a powerful, transformative process. I am honored, and grateful for Laurie’s work and blessed to carry one of her drums. Peace.”  – Karen, USA



Your video

One of the joys of Sacred Drum birthing and awakening is to capture the Spirit of the Drum in photos and video for you. In this way, you get to bond with your Being, before you even meet It in person. I will create for you, a video of the entire process from design, to creation, to birthing, to the awakening ceremony.

Here is an example: clips from a client video, the “Blessings of Brighid” Sacred Drum…

Channeled and Sacred Experience. I waited over ten years to find the “right” drum and when I found Laurie, it finally felt right. Laurie is much more than a drum maker — she works with your guides and ancestors in a blessed traditional way to bring forward the design. I was able to work with her on items that were special to me that I wanted included in the design and she worked magic to bring it into Being. If you feel a desire to work with a drum in your spiritual practice — this is the place! Totally unique and stunningly beautiful and powerful. I’m very grateful that she is sharing her gift.”  –  Jeannie, USA



My friends and I love our beautiful Drums very much. We learned wisdom from those Sacred Creatures. I learned so many things from Buffalo and Cedar. They taught me the circle of life, death and new life, and I told everyone what I learned. It’s like ripples. I had a feeling that my friends were waiting to meet their Drum for a long time, and most of them are women. It feels like a sister circle is being born and connected by the Sacred Drum. Thank you for bringing Drums to Earth.”    – Rogani, Taiwan




About me

I am a Saami woman (indigenous of Northern Scandinavia) who is a Sacred Drum Carrier and speaker for the Tree People. It is one of my greatest honors to have been Called by my Ancestors and the Ancient Trees of our beloved planet, to bring Sacred Drums into being, and to lead others to the birthing of their own Sacred Drums. This work has touched my soul in ways I just cannot express. I am so grateful and honored to share this with you.

Laurie is force of Love who radiates clarity and compassion. She brings depth and wide experience which inspires others to listen to their own wisdom. She helps others embrace both their own humanity and their beautiful divine nature.”    – Jessica, USA

In this video, I speak of my heritage as a descendant of the Saami people – the indigenous tribe of northern Scandinavia, and why my Ancestors and the Ancient Ones of the Forest reached through the veil, urging me to bring Sacred Drums to life.


Bringing your Drum to Life

COMMITMENT: When you know you are Called and are ready to commit to being a Sacred Drum Carrier, make payment for your Drum. As soon as you make your Commitment, I will place you on the calendar.

CONNECTION: I will then send your Heartwork, designed to entice the Sacred Being of your Drum to come forward and present Itself, through your answers and energy. When you have completed your Heartwork, send it back to me. Once I receive your Heartwork, I meditate deeply with all that you have expressed, and will connect with you if I have any further questions.

VISION: When I am clear I have connected with the energy that is Calling you, I go into sacred ceremony and a visioning Journey (through my own Sacred Drum, and with my Ancestors and the Ancient Ones) to meet the Sacred Being of your Drum. In this space, your Sacred Drum Being (and sometimes your Spirit Guides and Ancestors) will show me what to bring forward into the design of your Drum.

I will then contact you again with a video explaining what I’ve received and the design idea that wants to be birthed into your Sacred Drum. At this point, I ask that you tap deeply into your intuitive knowing and see if there is anything else that is calling out to you, wanting to be a part of your Drum.

BIRTHING: Then, I will begin the Birthing process for your Sacred Drum. I will take photos and video as I go through the creation.

AWAKENING: When your Sacred Drum is completely Birthed, I will take It through an Awakening Ceremony, and will video this for you as well. It is in the Awakening Ceremony, that the Spirit of the Drum presences Itself. Often, other information or energies arise through this process as well.

I will ship your Sacred Drum to you, as soon as the process is completed.

A woman of supreme talent, Laurie mindfully weaves her technical prowess with her intuitive sense of how to best highlight and express the heart and work of those who come to her.”   – Jennifer, USA



About my Drum-making

Each Sacred Drum has It’s own soul, which includes the spirit of the Tree that lives within the wood of the hoop, and the spirit of the Animals that so celebrate being given another chance at life in such a sacred way. A Drum brought to life in this way, carries with it great power to manifest healing and change, when used with heart-full and good intentions. Your Sacred Drum will be uniquely It’s own, based on the energy you draw in, and the visioning Journey that I take on your behalf.

Each Drum is an individual, and hide coloring will vary…it may be lighter or darker in color, with or without markings, and lacing on the back may be thicker or thinner.


I work specifically with Buffalo hide on the Mesa and for the hand-holds of my Sacred Drums because it is a sacred indigenous animal of the continent where I was born and live (U.S.). It’s strength and power in understanding the vibration and sound current of Drums has been kept intact for many, many generations. The spirit of these animals are always absolutely overjoyed to be given new life in such a sacred way, and especially to assist in bringing strength and courage to all journeys. They are ecstatic to be working again. All my Buffalo hides are reclaimed from ranches in the U.S. or Canada. In great gratitude, do They hold the very foundation of your Drum’s web together for you, as well as holding your hand and protecting you as you travel on your own Journeys.

I work with Nootka Alaskan Yellow Cedar for the Sacred Circle (the drum hoop), as the Cedar Tree has been a deep mentor and guide on my spiritual journey, and is the Being that asked me to begin my work with bringing Drums into the world. The wood for the Sacred Circle is very strong and hard, and is gifted by already fallen Trees on an abandoned logging site in Canada. These beings are so very joyous to be given new life in a Sacred Drum. They hold the memory and wisdom of thousands of years in their bones and their spirit is overjoyed to be alive again in such a sacred way. The Tree People communicate with each other and with me, and are working to bring communication and connection to all Walking Ones (humans) on this planet. They honor us and thank us for allowing Them to work through us in this co-mission.

I paint on the Drum’s Mesa and Sacred Circle by hand, with inks, acrylics, vegetable dyes, and earth pigments. I also create illuminated lettering and add adornments when the Vision (or you!) asks for it.

Your gorgeous Sacred Drum will be blessed in the making with sage and specially hand-crafted blessing herbs, and with holy waters from around the world. All Drums are Birthed and Awakened lovingly, reverently, and ceremonially, and rest on their own altar during the entire process. They absolutely vibrate the soul to the core.

Laurie is one of the most creative people I’ve ever met. She has the talent and work ethic to bring her inventiveness to life. She is a natural leader and a very capable project manager. People of all ages enjoy working with her, and she with them. She celebrates the strengths and successes of others. When Laurie is in a room, joyful creative expression feels perfectly welcome and natural. Throughout our long association, I’ve seen Laurie consistently invest her talents, skills and innovations on behalf of her clients and communities. She loves and honors life. She thrives on challenges. I endorse her without hesitation.”  – Scott, USA



I paint on the Drum’s Mesa and Sacred Circle by hand, using calligraphy pens, brushes, sponges, sticks and all kinds of fun items. I sometimes create illuminated lettering or borders. Here’s a quick time-lapse video of painting the Celtic Tree of Life Sacred Drum…



Shipping will be billed to you before your ship date, and will be exactly what I am charged by the postal service. Shipping must be paid before the ship date. I ship to the United States and internationally, and will ship as soon as the Awakening is completed.  I will contact you with an exact shipping amount at that time. I ship globally, wherever import of articles made from U.S. wildlife are allowed.

For international shipping, transit time varies depending on where you are and the requirements in your country. If there are customs fees due upon arrival in your country, these will be your responsibility. Please contact me with any questions you may have.


Commission Your Drum 

Blessed Friend,

Based on Sacred Vision and Calling from the Ancestors and Ancient Ones, I am currently taking time off from Sacred Drum commissions, so that I might sink more deeply into my own internal and ceremonial practices. I am still here, drawn deeply within for awhile.

Feel free to contact me.

Sending you my Big Love!


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