SACRED DRUM MAKING: a pathway of connection with your own heart’s journey of awakening.Learn to find healing, self-expression, and connection to Spirit and Nature, through the guided creation of a Sacred Drum – your own individualized, portable altar. Sacred Drums are beautiful Tools that can take anyone to a state of bliss and grace very quickly, without needing years of guru, leader or practice to show us how.There is a divine call being heard around the world right now. The voices of our ancestors and the ancient spirits of our beloved planet are increasing in volume and vibration, reaching out to wake us up. This call is individually felt or heard as an “urging,” a “prompting,” a “notion,” or an “aching of the heart.” It is most certainly irrefutable and tangible to those who hear it. We are gathering to join with each other in response to this call.

How do we make the act of asking nature’s advice a normal part of everyday inventing?  Learning about the natural world is one thing.  Learning from the natural world—that’s the profound switch.  – Janine Benyus, natural sciences writer, innovation consultant, and author.

 The following classes are my heart’s offering in acknowledgement to the Ancestors and Ancient One’s who have Called — and to you, who are looking for a pathway of connection with your own heart’s journey of awakening. Classes are currently offered in Washington State.


2-Day Sacred Drum Birthing Workshop

Sacred Drums send our prayers out into the world…and beyond…to our Teachers, Guides, Gurus…to Spirit. In this workshop, we will be birthing a portable altar space, specifically individualized for your personal spiritual journey.  Whatever your beliefs, religion, or spiritual pathway, using a Sacred Drum as your devotional altar will magnify the beauty of your connection to Spirit. Through the birthing of a Sacred Drum, you will be able to bring to life the energy, prayers and symbols of your personal pathway.This ceremonial workshop encompasses two full days of on-site Sacred Drum birthing, currently offered in Washington State.  You will leave this workshop with a Sacred Drum, ceremonially birthed by your own hands.

More info on Devotional Mesa: 2-Day Sacred Drum-Making Workshop



Path of the Sacred Drum Carrier

This is a four-month Sacred Drum creation journey, connecting to the Ancestors, Ancient Earth Spirits, and the Great Creator.Become a Sacred Drum Carrier – one who is Called to birth and bring the sound current of the Sacred Drum back to the Forests and Lands of this Earth, along with song, dance, laughter and joy! Learn how to vision and bring a Sacred Drum to life, opening to the divine guidance that flows through awakened Sacred Drums and drumming in the Forest.Ancestor’s Mesa: Path of the Sacred Drum Carrier is about how we each find our own profound current of wisdom through the making of a Sacred Drum, working with the Soul of our Sacred Drum, and heeding our own divine Call, each in our own way.This 4-month path with monthly gatherings, culminates in an overnight pilgrimage to the Olympic Rain Forest to awaken your Sacred Drum at the feet of Great GrandMother Cedar…an ancient Elder who is Calling those ready to listen and hear Her guidance for planetary healing. During the final weekend we will engage in celebratory observation, sing, drum, and dance at the feet of some of the oldest and largest living Trees on the planet…a very powerful conclusion to the birthing of your Sacred Drum.