Thank you for stopping by my heartspace of healing, sacred drumming, meditations, yoga, sacred chant, and herbs/food as healing medicine. Everything here is offered from my heart to yours for the nourishment of your body, mind and soul.

I am a teacher, a Sacred Drum Carrier and maker, a yogi, a kirtankara, and wise woman herbalist. I have been Called by my Ancestors and the Ancient Trees of our beloved planet, to bring Sacred Drums into being, and to lead others to the birthing of their own Sacred Drums. I am also a certified yoga teacher and teach sacred musical meditation and harmonium classes.Pull up a cup of herbal tea and enjoy. I am so glad you are here!What is a Sacred Drum and why are the Trees urgently asking us to drum for them?Ancestors-Mesa-Sacred-Drum-Making_AncestralThunder.comDevotional-Mesa_Sacred-Drum-Making_AncestralThunder.com