Living by Heart Sacred Drums: gifts of love and honor for those on the powerful adventure of life-threatening illness. www.AncestralThunder.comFaced with life-threatening illness, every moment and every choice becomes very precious. For those on this adventure, there is a powerful connection available to the Life-Force which animates us all – with a strength most of us only dream of touching. Expanded vision and profound insights are possible. News of such illness can bring a rawness and opening of the heart – that place where deep connection can be made.A concentrated compassion can be born from such a place within, where one can find an immense power to use for good on this Earth, for healing self and community. I honor and bow to those who are currently traveling through this adventure in their lives.The Calling of making Sacred Drums as gifts for those facing serious illness, is a result of being given understanding that these folks sit right next to the divine place where contact can easily be made with That which created us, and with the Heart of this Earth and all her Peoples. It is with great love and honor that I Birth and Awaken these Drums, as my heart offering to strengthening this Power and Connection.If you are Called to join in this work, you may become a treasured donor. As a donor, you have the opportunity to send a card that will be presented with the Sacred Drum, if you so desire. Your love will ride on the sound current every time that Drum is played.To make your donation:Use PayPal, or your payment app of preference, sending to this email address – laurie (at) ancestralthunder (dot com). Please include a note stating that this is a donation for a Sacred Drum.Or, mail to:218 Mark E Reed Way, #3312, Shelton, WA 98584Please include a note stating that this is a donation for a Sacred Drum.I am so deeply honored that we are to work together in support of this beautiful work, and am completely humbled to be given this opportunity. I bow in honor and gratitude to you. Thank you for your contribution to this Calling. I pray we sit together one day and Drum for the Trees.Please contact me if you have any questions! I’d love to stay in touch via email if that speaks to you, and send you personal updates.GREAT blessings of gratitude.Bowing deeply,