Pro-agers have encountered enough of life to understand that real beauty is often intertwined with real difficulty.

to stories from countless pro-age women (and men), struggling to make
sense of their experiences of tremendous abuse, violence and chaos,
taught me this: the strength of the human spirit, our profound will to
grow beyond overwhelming challenges, and helping each other along the
way, is what weaves us together and makes us astonishingly beautiful.

history, our most beloved mentors, leaders, and religious figures have
taught us that true beauty comes from a sense of our shared humanity,
and compassion for each other.

Finding strength through faith in
something greater than my own temporary suffering, I too have known
violence, divorce and loss.  While I was granted my fifteen minutes of
fame early in life, my most soul-filling accomplishments have been
co-raising 10 children (or was it being raised by them?), and being a
volunteer for twelve years, in service to those going through tremendous
transformation in their lives.

As I move through this
incredible mid-life transition and look forward to the next 47 years, I
hope to continue to serve others by sharing what I’ve learned along the
way. Strength in diversity – beauty in adversity!


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