Goodbye Castle!

Well, the end of an era is near. On October 8th, not only will my first GrandChild arrive, but the Castle chapter of our lives will come to a literal close, as the closing of the sale of our beloved home on 33 acres becomes real. A very lovely family bought the Castle today and is planning on building more houses there for all their family members to live in together. We went up yesterday to answer all their questions and are thrilled that they were the ones to sign the papers. Our enchanted forest land will continue to listen to the song of children’s laughter and play!

Jeff and I are a bit in disbelief as it has not yet sunk in that this could be for real. Our home stood empty and waiting for three years. Today we have begun the very long exhale that is to come before the next breath and the next chapter ensue. It has been an incredible three years of challenge, learning, and waiting, and we are both the wiser, stronger, and more compassionate for it all.

The house had over time, become a symbol of much anticipated release and change, but the gift and release given by Spirit at this time, both urges and challenges us forward, giving us the sling-shot of divine timing to now make moves we have only visioned and dreamed of. The release given goes way beyond the sale of our house!

Sometimes we are asked to wait in chrysalis and be very, very patient as we are re-created by the Divine. Our cocoon is now cracking and we have taken in a sweet breath of what is to come, and oh my God it is beautiful. It is all so beautiful…past, present and future…challenge, pain, ease and joy!

So, in this moment, I bow in gratitude for all that has transpired and all that is to come, and I offer my greatest blessings on that magnificent land we were honored to live upon and raise our children on for so many years, sending my thanks and gratitude for every single experience that was presented to all of us there!

I will always hold a very dear and special place in my heart for two souls on that land: GrandMother Cedar, and Marley, both of whom taught me how to listen, how to hear, and how to see, changing my perspective forever.


* * * * *

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