Olivia update: Mike and Mina are resting comfortably, waiting for Olivia to arrive, most likely tonight! Mina received an epidural around 5:00 pm and things have calmed for her considerably as far as pain goes. The labor continues on, and predictions in the nursing station are that Olivia will take birth between 10 pm and midnight tonight! Stay tuned for her first cries on the PodCast! All are well, and everything is progressing normally.


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One thought on “6:25 PM Update…

  1. 9:05 PM Klingenbergs, Graham, WA. Just got back home from Oyster Fest. So excited to get an update!We are here and with you! We send you prayers for strenght, we have kept our candle lit to brighted your path and light our lovely Olivias way.Keep us posted, all of you Mike, Mina, Grandma!, Auntie and all of the loved ones currounding you whether near or far.We await the arrival of the newest member in our circle that she may join us once again here on earth and let us share with her our profound pride and love!Love & Prayers, Debi Keith & Wayne.Am keeping Parker & Jill abreast of the happenings, they send their love as well!


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