So, tonight is fasting prep night. Tomorrow morning I begin a five day fast, honoring my God and my self, and inviting and invoking growth and change. It’s time for some movement in my life.

Clear is the call for strength-gaining now. Change is at hand! The more strength I give myself, the more I can grow from what is coming forward. In the past, I’ve pre-fasted by spending time in prayer and meditation, setting intentions and preparing much. It has been important to me to take it seriously.

This time, I spend the evening before my fast (tonight) in the company of my favorite Swedish rye bread, bedecked with butter and jelly, sloshed down with a tall glass of cold milk. Man that stuff tastes good! I’m wondering what it’s like to just jump into a 5-day fast with no pretense, no big prep…just a big open attitude and a full belly.

I’ve actually been seriously preparing for this fast for the past week with nightly pints of Ben & Jerry’s and popcorn. Dang, if that New York Super Fudge Chunk just isn’t the most decadent ice cream on the face of this planet! Ohhhh, I’m gonna miss that stuff! It’s weird…I haven’t had it for quite some time, but the second I decide to make this change and start a fast, I start counting the days until I begin and figure out how many pints I can get in, in that time. What the heck is that all about? My daughter turns to me and dryly says, “you’re a sugar addict mom.” Yeah, I know. Might be something about those photos of me at six months old with Oreo’s hanging out of my mouth.

So…tomorrow is a new day. Me and sugar are parting ways. At least that’s my intention. Uh, oh…I just did it…I set an intention. I take it back…

I’m just showing up tomorrow…open and ready for change. See ya on the back side of the day for an update!

* * * * * * *

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