Blech. Feeling lots of typical symptoms on this morning of the second day…headache, low energy, blech. Emotionally, I’m feeling strong, and mentally the thought-stream is strong in God. If you’ve not done a fast before, the physical symptoms are just withdrawal symptoms…for me, from sugar and caffeine. My pre-fast activities are definitely leaving their impact this morning.

What excites me about fasting is the clarity of thought-stream that comes…probably starting tomorrow, and then the joy and bliss. It happens every time for me. About on the third or fourth day, I feel so much lighter in body, and in mind (thoughts). I’ve definitely taken notes upon introspection…certain things that go into my mouth effect the quality of my experience in body and in thoughts. Fascinating.

My fasting days are slower than other days…I take on less of the busy-ness of life, and do more self-care: fasting, walking, doing Kundalini Yoga with my daughter Katie, writing, observing, meditation, sweating in the sauna, and homeschooling daughter Trikaya. Katie and I will definitely be going to Olympus Spa this week…always a huge treat. We are fasting together.

Blessed day to you…blessed day to all.

* * * * * * *

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