I returned to Fremont, NE five years ago to watch my dad direct the alumni choir at Midland Lutheran College, where he worked for so long. They sang for Baccalaureate. It was the first time I had returned there in 25 years.

I just cried and cried, as I understood how the deep love for God had so penetrated my youth. I had not remembered all the ritual and music that was such an important part of my life back then…simple things like at the beginning of Baccalaureate, before the graduating class processed in, they brought the Bible and a huge cross down the aisle and set it up in front of the room…no wonder.

God was just so infused into my life and my being in ways I did not recognize until now, many years later….simple little things.

I think it’s all the little, tiny things that stay with us after all this time, that are the building blocks of soul creation. Growing up, I’ve thought the huge events were the big deal…but as I look back, they weren’t. They were just huge in the moment. It’s been the detail events that have shaped who I am in truth.

I’m so grateful my details were marinated with the presence and presents of God.


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