So, a part of my day is to spend a few minutes sitting in the forest…being quiet and just breathing. This practice always leads me straight to a feeling of fullness and immense gratitude. It never ceases to change my perspective, particularly during difficult times.

Today was beautiful with sunshine warming me, and everything around me.

Prior to going out, I’d been in a meeting all day, inside, synergizing with my partners at work about the future. We had all agreed to spend some time under a tree later on, on our own, marinating in the energy of the day…listening in the silence for more answers, direction, and possible guidance.

So…later on, I sat down under a short-needled pine and inhaled deeply…mmmm…the scent of pine sap is Gods perfume. The heat of the sun today warmed the tree and sent the fragrance awaft on a tiny breeze…straight to me, delighting me with it’s gift.

Exhale. Big deep inhale. Exhale again. Letting go of the day…of my thoughts…of agendas and time. Exhale.

Ahhhh….there it is at last…the silence.

Nothing. Exhale.

Pop! and then…Pop!

What the? Must be a bird in the pine…where is it? I sit still and wait to see movement and listen. Pop! Pop! Pop!…all in different parts of the tree. Whaaaa? Where’s the bird?


And then…release……


One teeny, tiny helicopter comes slowly, gracefully flying by me, landing on the ground next to me. Oh my goodness! I get to be here for this…how blessed am I?

The pine cones are popping in the warmth of the sun today…releasing their seeds ever so delicately…to fly, to fall, to find their way to their destiny.

What a miracle to be here today…the very day that the cones pop. They don’t do that every day, and only once a year…perhaps for just a day or two, until they are fully opened. I’ve never listened enough to hear this symphony before.

The forest is so full of magic, and gifts…and little tiny lessons everywhere.

The tree pops correlate exactly to what happened in my meeting today…warmth, listening, pops, and then seeds falling everywhere around us…seeds of thought, seeds of ideas, seeds of love, seeds of change…little miracles…lots of em. And I happened to be there.

Fullness and immense gratitude. Again.


* * * * * * *

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