It’s a sad day…our long-time family friend DeeDee went Out today. We were her people…she was our companion in a dog body. She joined the family fifteen years ago when she captured our hearts as a little puppy girl, bounding straight toward us, out of a lap full of dachsund puppies. Her puppy girl spirit was there all through her life, until she took her last breath in Jeff’s arms…the one place she always wanted to be the most.

DeeDee. You were there as every one of our children grew up, and as most of them left to fly on their own. You helped usher every one of us to greater compassion. We are SO thankful that you chose us as your family.

DeeDee joins our other friends today…Marley, Mon Ami, Chico, Talitha, Toebuck, Indy, Tula, Katrina, Bernard, Patrick…all great teachers of ours. On another day I have much to say about animals as teachers. But for today, I am going out to the willow tree to lay DeeDee’s body to rest with our other friends…to say goodbye…and to cry with my family.

It’s a sad day today. Goodbye DeeDee…we love you, we thank you, we will miss you.

“Sail baby sail, on the ocean sea…only don’t forget to sail, back again to me.”

We will see you again DeeDee.

* * * * * *

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