* * * * * * *
Hello to my many extended family members through the choirs at Midland Lutheran College. It was such a blessing to see and hear you all again at the Midland Lutheran College Alumni Choir Reunion in April of 2008!
I cannot express the depths to which your singing touched my soul as a child, and what an indelible impression it left on me. As a little girl, and to this day, I hold each one of you in such a special place in my memory. Forever will the visions of your angelsong reside in my heart. Even though you were not aware of it at 20 years old, I still thank you for such a tremendous gift.

Needless to say, the 2008 Midland Lutheran College Alumni Reunion was nothing less than awe-inspiring on so many levels. In my parents’ words, “It was PERFECT.”

Peace and blessings on all my brothers and sisters in music around the world!!!

Laurie Nelson Alexander

* * * * * * *

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