Today is my 49th BirthDay

I call it my 7 times 7. This is an auspicious BirthDay for me…a time to review and renew. Most folks look at the big-oh’s (30,40,50…) as turning points. For me, they go in 7 year stints. So, as I prepare to move forward…I also look back. These are some of the sevens of this life:

7 times 1 BirthDay: 7 years old…

Happy go lucky, living in our country “cliff house” on the bluffs of the Platte River in Fremont, Nebraska. I was naive, innocent, and oblivious to anything other than joy. I especially loved playing with my sister and brother. My main big loves were nature, animals and God. Happy, happy, joy, joy childhood with mommy and daddy at my side.

7 times 2 BirthDay: 14 years old…

Entering 9th grade, very shy, interior girl. I found school in the big city of Fremont, completely overwhelming in junior high, and was the extreme of “out of it” in terms of fashion or knowing how to fit in. By the age of 14, I had kind of figured it out and my best friend Jill had encouraged me to try out for a spot on the cheerleading team. Much to my surprise, I was chosen. This single thing helped me in finally feeling like I “fit in” somehow with the city kids.

7 times 3 BirthDay: 21 years old…

On my 21st BirthDay, I was three weeks away from giving birth to my first child. I had come through high school, the Miss America Pageant, and singing with Bob Hope by that time, and met my first daughter’s daddy in my first year of college. While my parents were trying to help me further my career in show biz, I was dreaming of babies…and so off I went into parenthood.

7 times 4 BirthDay: 28 years old…

Two little girls graced my life by this time: the eldest was now 7, and my little one was by this time 4. These little girls were the joy and light of my life.

7 times 5 BirthDay: 35 years old…

My son was four years old, my daughters were 14 and 11, and I had two stepsons ages 2 and 6 as well by the time I hit my 35th BirthDay. Life was very full of joy and noise. I was living on an enchanted acreage on the side of a mountain.

7 times 6 BirthDay: 42 years old…

Retired from television, I had another baby girl who was 4. My sons were 9, 11, and 13 and my daughters were 21 and 18. We had gone through the heights of financial success, to the lows of sitting in front of a bancruptcy attorney wondering if we would need to file (we didn’t). Life was active, full, busy. I had completed my bachelors degree online while homeschooling my kids by this time. Whew!

7 times 7 BirthDay: 49 years old…

My great loves at this time are…God, my family, Nature, and serving others. My children are all out of the house, but the last. Life is quieter, but not slower. I find great desire to simplify and slow down. I find great desire to spend the time I have here in surrounding myself with all that represents God to me, including others who walk the same path, work that represents this in all aspects, and in serving others through a means of integrity and wholeness. I work to create this in my life.

And, projecting into the future…

7 times 10…I pray that this will find me in the best of health and strength, using my heart, hands and head to serve others through my work and my presence in their lives. I pray that my 7 times life continues in health and strength, with the ability and capacity to serve others to at least my 7 times 14 BirthDay…91. At that point, I might retire and spend the last 7 years of this life simply sitting on the front porch in my rocking chair, laying on the grass watching the clouds go by, doing my yoga and sitting in meditation with God, standing in the rain feeling the tears of God fall upon my face, and being with family as I listen to the joy and laughter of great-grandchildren.

On my 7 times 15 BirthDay when I am 105, the year will be 2064. My first grandchild will be 49 years old. My eldest child will be 84 and my youngest will be 67. I pray to gather them all to my side, hold a celebration and InJoy the cumulation of a life well lived in Love and in Service…laugh our butts off at all the foibles and fallibility of being human, give great Thanks for all the lessons learned along the way…and let them all know that I will always, all ways be with them in every moment of every day, Loving them dearly and wrapping them with clouds and angel wings. And then, I’ll be ready to go to God and rest in angel wings myself…and talk with God about all that I did while here, and what I’ve learned from choices I made…and whatever else me and God decide to talk about over tea in heaven.

Happy BirthDay to Me!


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