So, I’m standing in one of those goofy upright kiosks at the airport, credit card ticking off the minutes to pay for this blog post. Walking past security and finally moving through the corridor toward the international gates, I think I have come to realize that I am actually leaving the country today. Sounds like a good thing, considering the political climate…at least it’s fun to say that.

Saying goodbye to my daughter and husband today was hard…it’s been thirty years since I’ve travelled out of the country…and this is the first time I go alone. I was surprised at the tears that welled up, as I passed the cloudy white glass partitions between security and the international zone in the airport…remembering the last time I was here, only on the other side with my hand pressed to the glass…so that my eldest daughter Katie could see that I was still in the airport sending her with my love as she left to go back to Thailand after a beautiful one month stay with me in Seattle. I cried to let her go then…,not knowing when I would see her again. I cried today…letting myself go with the kind of freedom that permits one to fly away on mysterious travels and treks, alone.

This is good…it’s really good. I have no idea what I will experience. I have no idea how it will change me, but I know it will. I remain open to the God of my being to use this time with me as further ground for growth in Love. I remain open to the great joy and delight in playing with Katie and her husband Travis upon the waters across the globe. I am thrilled that the airlines messed up my flight, so that I get a 24 hour layover in Seoul…where my brother Jorge is living…blessing us both with rare and precious time together.

I’ll be back here again soon…with photos, stories, adjectives and sensations I’ve never had the pleasure to describe in this lifetime. Until then…all this depth of emotion and well of intense excitement walks around this airport terminal with me as I wait the final 30 minutes to board my plane for the first leg of my journey…a twelve and a half hour flight to Seoul. My thoughts and love are with my family…my blessings are upon my workplace while I am gone…my giggles go out to my beloved friends…as my arms prepare to once again embrace my planet of family.

Great peace…

Kaya, I love you and will be singing to you tonight…listen for me with your inside eyes.

Mama – Laurie

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