This morning I awoke to the sun filtering through the towering cedars and swirling fog in my backyard cathedral. Grabbing my camera and tea, I headed for the breath-taking beauty that is an autumn morning in the Pacific Northwest. I’ll share with you one of the photos I took…

Pacific NW Autumn Morning

Something in the sun shining through one tiny drop of dew as it rolls off the tip of a giant cedar tree…brings me back to an awareness of that Something much greater than myself and my life…that Something which continues to support us all and give us breath…that Something which breathes HOPE back into my heart when it is tired from the minds cranking thoughts.

In our neck of the woods it’s been raining for almost two weeks, and many of our neighbors woke up to flooded homes in the night. Today, I pray for each and every one of them…that they are safe and supported, and that they too can hold onto HOPE as the waters of life go rushing by with it’s tempestuous swells and crashing waves of experience.


2 thoughts on “Thinking of HOPE

  1. I love how you describe your backyard. I'd love to see pictures of the cathedral of trees. I live in south Florida and I miss real tree. Also, you obviously take great pictures.


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