Thinking about all that there is to be ThankFull for…
More than I could even begin to fathom, much less find words for…
Life, breath…people, bounty, beauty, opportunity, choice.
What a trip this Life is that You have gifted me.
What a Journey!
A Pathway paved with gold…strewn with rose petals,
Left as breadcrumbs for me to follow,
Should I choose to walk.
So many teachers pass by, 
Turning to smile and wave,
Their warmth Inviting me forward.
So many teachers jump out,
Turning to glare and gloat,
Their frozen egos the same Invitation.
On this, the 49th year You’ve gifted me,
On the day of GivingThanks,
You will find me as always in Your Temple within,
Silently humming Your Name as I help wash the dishes,
Quietly hearing Your Song in the laughter of the children,
Openly seeing Your Face in the face of my relatives and friends,
Reverently touching Your Body as I hug them hello, and then goodbye,
Sending Your Love through my thoughts to others not close by…
As I reflect, and give Thanks
For this Life,
And this Breath
In this Moment
And the next…
Oh My God

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