Divine Mother…

You bless this life so,
all that I desire,
You give.
I ask, and I have received
over and over again
until there is little left to want.
I listen
and I listen
to hear
what You ask of me.
I want more than anything
to Know what
You ask of me.
Here, where You have given me
the gift of life…
it is noisy
and static
with millions of opinions about
what You ask…
and I cannot
hear You through
the din.
So, I must withdraw
into the vast silence
into The Waiting
to quiet the buzz and hum
of the outside world
and the franticness
of this small self.
…and In The Waiting…
comes Your beautiful Voice
in the silence of my heart
and the stillness of my mind
where You tender me
the mania
the longing
as You whisper
into my heart of hearts…
“Hands off the wheel my
beloved child –
let Me take it from here.”
and I weep.


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