letting go
letting go
and letting go again…
of all that has been so tightly held
so closely monitored
so badly wanted

into nothing
a box of nothing
nothing in the box



must be the perfect place to start
because this is where i am


4 thoughts on “Containing Nothing

  1. This post has taken my breath away – it touch me is such a profound way – that I can truly let go and embrace my life each day, knowing that each day is a gift that we must let go….Thank youRJB


  2. So beautifully said, thank you! Each day is such a precious gift that we must let go, and in the letting go, we make room for what is to come…tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow. Blessings!


  3. Laurie,Your writings have such soul and depth that I feel compelled to share one of my favorite pastimes with you and that is the Moth Radio Hour (http://themoth.org/). I believe you could tell some great stories of your own OMG gift of life. These stories are all true told by celebrities and ordinary people alike, here are three relatable stories about letting go that moved me and how there is a reason for everything, even painful things, I stubled accross your site in search of additional meaning for my own life when I found your site. Thank you take care Stories: http://www.prx.org/pieces/52886/RJB


  4. Thank you RJB, and thanks for sharing about themoth…I found these stories uplifting, humorous, and heart-full, and will return again to listen. What a great site!


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