Teachers are everywhere.

I have learned unforgettable things
from the Beings in the forest, from Those who have graced my home as
“pets,” from other human beings, and from experiences that have come and
gone.  All have left memories and understandings etched into my soul.

have also learned much from souls who were previously in human bodies
but are not now – those I have never met in form, but who guide me from
“wherever” they are (as if it could be directional…HA!).  This frail
human ego and the deepest heart of me loves that these beings left
physical things in form (books, recordings) for me to chance upon (or
was it?)…that speak directly into my heart and change the very fabric
of my being…gently waking me and waking me into a greater sense of who
I really am.

These words from one of the Sikh holy books, the
Dasam Granth…represent what is set into the foundation of this life,
as where I must go: “Day and night, she worships the Living Light. She
does not entertain any thought of duality. Perfect Love and perfect
conviction adorn her personality.  Her pilgrimage will be Daan (giving),
mercy, self-discipline of tolerance, and self-control. See sees only
the One, One God everywhere.”  (DG, p.712)

The following short recording is from one of my teachers, not in form.  The words “Dwell in God…Befriend your Soul,”
play over and over in my mind…right along with the words of Oh My
God, that were breathed into me in a meditation, and have now been
impressed into my heart, “Take your hands off the wheel, my Love. Let Me take it from here.

May this help to stimulate the deep soul
memory within you, of all that you truly are.

2 thoughts on “Teachers…

  1. Thank you for such a wonderful post. My youngest son turn 18 on the 23rd and I could not find a better message for him as he finds his way as a young man.


  2. What a wonderful thing to share with your son! We can give our children no better gift than to be aware of this message. Thanks for sharing.


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