Mahatma Gandhi once said, “Confusion is that place between adventures.”

Oh, yes.
While it can feel difficult and our journey harder when in times of confusion, there is a space where one can see with lucidity…in the most difficult of circumstances. Going through my own changes at this moment, I sat this morning at my dining room table looking out over the ocean, and wrote these words. Perhaps they will serve as a reminder for you too, that even in the midst of the storm, there is a calm place to rest…

Loss of focus – loss of clarity
Not knowing what, exactly, is happening
Or, where to go

Or…could this be the place where
I truly come face to face with what always IS
Instead of presumption and assumption of what is

That nothing is permanent
And everything changes with time
Leaving me back in the same place I started
The one I keep returning to over and over again

By myself in this tiny boat, upon the world ocean
Bewildered once again
With only an Invitation inscribed upon my heart
That was burned into my very soul
Before I took birth
The Call I cannot forget
That is so clear and true
As if angels are standing right behind me
Wrapping me in their wings
And whispering into my ears
“Come…this way…”

And, when I finally calm myself
Enough to quell the fear and the deafening internal dialogue
That blinds me from the daylight
And I breathe…
And wait…
And listen…
I realize that I am not alone
I am
Alone with God

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