OMG, how You capture my delight!
One day at a time,
You bring me new pleasures, new vistas
Another day in paradise, unfolding before me
Even the moments when my heart contracts, I see You
And Your hand in the beauty that is
Everything You bring me

Whatever It Is, It’s You…I always say.

New life, OMG
You have brought me such sweetness and laughter
Support, help, guidance
You never let me fall, no matter how rocky the trail becomes
No matter how I may wonder or worry
You always provide with such softness and Grace

I am captured again and again by the sheer enchantment
And wonderment
Of living in gratitude for this last season’s bliss
Of angel wings wrapped around me
And comfort that You send
In the touch of another
And the tenderness of being beloved
In a place I’ve never been before
As I watch in awe and fascination
At the fleet movements of Your hand
Now applying this brush stroke
And then dabbing on that bit of color
To the canvas of my life
The incredible Life that You have Gifted me

And I wake every morning with three words on my lips
Thank You God

I feel You there
I feel Your cradle
I do not know who I am to deserve what You bring me
I only know that I am Yours
And that
My heart, head and hands are surrendered to Your service
Wherever that may lead me
So on this gorgeous morn of Equinox…of balance
Equality in this moment before the seasons change yet once again

OMG…I offer you everything I am and have
Trying to give back all that You have given me
In service to Your cause of Love
Of Kindness, Tenderness, Joy and Compassion
Of uplifting my fellow human beings
Who walk this path with me
Often stumbling just like me, and sometimes falling
Scraping knees and finding tears on their faces
Feeling alone and forgetting
Who They Are

Make me an angel to comfort others, OMG
Make me into a human who is fit to serve and give and love
So that others can know who You are, through me
Not by me telling them anything about You, but
Through my hands, my actions, my words of encouragement, my heart

Keep me strong OMG
For I have been known to falter, tripping on my own fallibility
Pausing in weariness, when there is still so much work to do
And my greatest desire
Is to do Your work, wherever Your path takes me

Use this life OMG
May I please love and care for Your creatures here, like You do
May I please re-member my-self to You in every moment
For there is nothing greater for me to do here
Other than to love You, and open myself to You
Allowing You to work through me
Giving back out into this beautiful world of Yours
All that You have given me

Thank You God
Thank You God
Thank You God

2 thoughts on “New Life

  1. All of your soul spilled out into this wonderful work, the feeling and emotion that touched me and I will remember is in this verse "And I wake every morning with three words on my lipsThank You God" RJB


  2. Thank you RJB. These are the words that begin and end my days…no matter how they turn out…for it is only In Gratitude for what IS, that we can see what is truly beautiful in life, no matter the pain we feel.


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