I cannot sleep
And so up I go
To sit at Your feet once again
Or did You Call me by teasing my mind awake, OMG?

Life is such a precious gift
And I, the receiver of it, the blessed one.

You, the Giver of such bounty
Adorning me with the riches of breath
And the senses of this body:
Seeing the incredible beauty of this place You made…
Delighting in the taste of all we savor…
Inhaling the enchantment of all that is Life…
Reaching out to place my hand on Your beloved creation…
Feeling the fallible and tender heart and soul of Your people…
Hearing the sweet music of the wind, and laughter, and song…
Knowing that You are there, in every moment, before me
In all that is, and is not

Good Morning, OMG!
Thank You for yet another sunrise
Another opportunity to love You, and all that You have gifted me.
May I use this day to honor it, and You…
For You know what is in my heart of hearts
And how deeply I love
And how grateful I am.

2 thoughts on “Morning Senses

  1. Well, a new year is upon all, may your blessings continue to shower you and all you touch. The very best in this new year. RJB


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