<img border="0" height="256" src="https://thisomglife.files.wordpress.com/2019/11/4a8e0-img.jpg's more like my ego-personality craves soothing. But, those moments in silence within…are always calming and centering for the entirety of my being.

Two days ago I experienced a wonderful meditation…one of those where you quiet yourself to the point of very relaxed breathing and almost no thoughts floating by on the clouds of the mind. On this particular day, I went “in” with the intention of listening for guidance on the one next step to take toward manifesting my dream, my purpose in life.

As I sat for this meditation, my uber-busy mind was happily chatting to me about all the things I needed to focus more on in life…what kind of food I eat, how often I tend to exercise (or not), when will I get everything done that I need to, blah, blah, blah. As I began to relax into my breath, the noise of the busy chatter faded into the background, and that blessed silence began to move forward into my presence.

Finally, the peace came, and I rested in it for I don’t know how long…just breathing….in…out…in…out…in…out…deeper and deeper.


I almost jolted at the sound of a telephone ringing…like the one’s we had when we were kids…the old fashioned kind with an actual handset that you would pick up and listen to.  I saw the phone ringing in my mind and was surprised within. Picking up the receiver, I slowly lifted it to my ear…a bit stumped at why this was interrupting my tranquil meditation moment.

Placing the hearing piece next to my right ear, I said, “Helloooo?” in the quiet space of my heart…and at first, what I began to hear on the other end was something like I’ve seen in bad horror movies. There was a distinctly low and quiet breathing coming through loud and clear…a very rhythmical inhaling, and then exhaling, and then again inhaling, and on and on, slowly, methodically, consciously. The sound of this breath then moved me from the state of curiosity into a growing sensation of comfort and security. I knew immediately that this was the breath of OMG, inviting me to join in the flow of the moment.

So, I breathed. Rythmically, Smoothly, Calmly, Consciously. And what happened next, was that my entire being just relaxed completely in that chair, as though I were being cradled in the arms of OMG. And I was…only in the sweet breath of OMG. I was being comforted, calmed, nurtured and nourished in that moment of breathing in tandem. I received the directive to come to a quiet space and pick up that phone every day…and that was all I needed to do right now…just BREATHE with God. Every. Single. Day.

And so, I AM. And so, I DO. And so, I continue to. And I find comfort. And I calm. And allow myself to feel the cradle and arms of God wrapped around me.

Pick up the phone, Laurie. It’s for You.

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