The winds of OMG
Have blown through my life
Clearing away what was old
Stale and stagnant
And what was keeping me from breathing

The rivers of change
Have washed over the rocks of my days
Moving and breaking up the dams
Of stuff caught
In my heart
Like a baptism of my entire being.

The fires of transformation
Have burned their way through
All the deadwood of this mind
Leaving me open,
And very,

The soil in this soul
Has been turned
And composted
With the piles of dead things
Left in this earth-heart,
That now nourish what is to come.

The past year has brought
A torrent of change
Movement on every level
Angels surrounding me
Not urging me forward
But pushing me along
At breakneck speed
My eyes wide open
Shaking in my boots

Yet still
Saying, thank You OMG
For I know that,
You know what is good for me
Even though I may not.

And my eyes are still wide open
Along with my hands
And my heart
In service to You
And all that You ask of me

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