Slow-Time_Laurie_Nelson_www.AncestralThunder.comOne of the things I wrote in my new year journal was a vow to create more of what I call “slow time” in my life. To me, this means slowing down my mind and the incessant need to “get things done.”  It means In-Joying the hours of a day in elongated, leisurely and usually very simple ways. Today was such a day.

The girls made a delightful breakfast for us and we talked and giggled about their interests: jobs, college, travel, life changes, and especially boys. At one point we all leaned over the glass breakfast table, set the camera on a ledge below it, and snapped this silly photo of ourselves. I think we sat for close to three hours, each of us relishing the closeness and connection.

Once up and about, we all went for a drive into the harbor to sit by the water’s edge and enjoy the sunshine, blue skies, and sailboats tacking to and fro. It felt like another summer’s day, with the girls searching the tide pools, us watching them, and the seagulls passing over head, boisterously calling to each other.

This realm is so healing. Deep breaths, drifting off into the mind-space where no thoughts arise, and marinating in the beauty of nature always take me straight to peace. Slow time.

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