My family has been playing with clay lately…going to one of those ceramics painting places, just for fun.  It’s been freeing in a way, allowing my inner child to come out and play with color and paint. The first time we went, I chose a plain coffee mug, not having a clue what I should do. I sat staring at the whiteness and blankness of that thing for at least 30 minutes…frozen in the fear and revelation of my childhood, where I was told that I had “no talent” for art…thanks to some art teacher along the way.

It’s amazing what imprints and life patterns come up when you stop and be still.

Anyway…not one to let it stop me for long, I finally settled on painting a mug for my sweetheart…it turned out silly, joyful, and he loves it. The next jaunt to the ceramics place, I decided to really try and let the old imprints and fear go. I bought a tile, and transferred a Zentangle design onto it. I could hardly wait to see it once fired…the resultant exuberance showing in the photo of the ceramic “J” tile.

Still to come: another tile with the letter “O” – and finally, the last tile with the letter “Y”.  Such a surprise, eh?

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