The Divine has always made me gut laugh with the humor of the Universe, or cry with such gratitude and awe over how things happen and are graced.

Mid-December last year, I Heard very clearly that I was to go to the Olympic Rainforest on January 4th for a few days and sit with my beloved Tree People…and just listen. The mandate was to take no books, no work, no goal. Take paper and pencil…leave it in the room…and go into the Forest alone…and sit…and listen. So I did.

When I follow this Guidance, it is profound…and beyond description. During that first day on retreat, I walked into the Rainforest…on a rainy day, alone. Always, as I enter the Forest, I enter an altered state…it just happens. The Tree People reach out and open me up, letting me See little bits and pieces…I suppose just what this soul is ready to encompass at present…enough to blow my mind.

On this retreat day, I walked the path (no one but me on the trails) and stopped at Ancient One after Ancient One, hugging, holding, giving my great gratitude, feeling the loving energy back…tears. Then, I felt pulled toward a mother/daughter Cedar pair, and sat down between the two. My back to Daughter, my front to Mother, and my face to Sky…the gorgeous rain fell upon my eyes and my soul, washing through me. I sat with no expectation…the mandate was just to listen.  A surprise to me, I heard Mother clearly tell me that I must come back in May, to make a drum of my Ancestors…that They would tell me what to do…but I must simply come back. That I must soak the drum’s skin in the waters of the Hoh River, stretch the skin on an oval Cedar frame, and bring this new GrandMother Drum back to Mother and Daughter for consecration. This was to happen the weekend of May 17th.

Never having made a frame drum before, this came a surprise to me. But, I have been on this Earth long enough to listen when my Elders speak. So…I booked a room immediately…for the weekend of May 17th…to come back…to follow the Guidance…to show up.

My Ancestors in human form have been Calling to me for years and spoke to me of my indigenous Saami heritage long before I confirmed it through my parents DNA tests. They continue to whisper through the childhood drawings of lavvu’s and canoes that my GrandMother left for me to find in her Norwegian Luther’s Catechism book (the Saami integration stories parallel the integration stories of the indigenous of North America).

The Call continues…

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