Mother’s Day started out so sweetly, with my youngest sneaking out of the house before I ever got out of bed…to run to the store for a surprise. Kaya brought home the most beautiful flower bowl with hyacinths and sunflowers – my favorites! It’s gorgeous…and fragrant!!! Yummaaay.

Kaya and I were able to go to lunch with my parents (I call them the “Kids”), who are 87 and 93. They are something else…still driving and living at home at their age…what an inspiration they are! Aside from the fact that me and Kaya’s food was less than wonderful, my folks loved it, and we had a great time being there with them. I love seeing them weekly when we get together to spin on Wednesdays (wool not bikes, hehe). Things are changing for them as they age quickly. They amaze me every day. I also love to be able to make small gestures like driving all the way out to see them today – it means a lot to me. I can see it means a lot to them too. My quiet seva.

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