GOLD-Dark-n-Full-MoonsToday is the Dark Moon of December, 2015. This year, the full and dark moons have become a deep and important part of my spiritual practice.The year 2015 has been one of the most incredible, awe-inspiring years of my life. A January retreat to the Rainforest and a massive old growth Douglas Fir’s instructions, led me to building a Sacred Ancestral GrandMother’s Drum…one of the most transformative processes of this life (and I’ve had many).During the five-day vision quest to birth the Sacred Drum in May, I was instructed by my Ancestors and the Ancient Ones of the Forest (the old growth Trees that long to connect with the human race) to begin a spiritual practice of showing up every full and dark moon, playing the Sacred Drum and opening myself to hearing the instruction of one Great GrandMother Cedar Tree, a thousand-year-old matriarch who lives in the Hoh Rainforest.She said she wanted to apprentice me, so that I might speak for the Tree People. She wants to let us know that they (the Trees and all the Forest dwellers) miss us, as the Humans used to bring ceremony, drumming, dancing, singing and joy to the feet of the Trees. Now, she is only a great photo shot for tourists passing by. She is lonely.She has been my Gold this year. The full and dark moon meditations have been my Gold this year. My apprenticeship and the resultant learning how to show up deeply for the practice, has been my Gold this year. I may not have much money, but I am the wealthiest woman on the planet.#ending2015ingreatgratitude   #decemberreflections

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