My 2015 Alphabet. Laurie Nelson. www.AncestralThunder.comMy ANCESTORS reached out to speak.It was so incredibly BEAUTIFUL that I wept with joy.I actually responded to the CALLING this year!What a DIVINE twelve months it’s been.Never before have I felt and understood such ENERGY from others.The ancient FOREST Dwellers made themselves present in my awareness and asked me to speak for Them.A thousand year-old Tree named Great GRANDMOTHER Cedar took me in as Her apprentice.So many Spirit HELPERS came forward to assist me in this process.I have gained so much INSIGHT into myself, but also into how this world works.Every full and dark Moon have found me in Sacred Drum JOURNEYS, re-membering myself to All That Is.I’ve been given some KEYS to the Kingdom of Heaven.There’s been much LAUGHTER (from me) in the Forest, as I’ve made mis-takes and been humbled.My beautiful MAMA put her handprint on the Sacred Ancestral GrandMother’s Drum I brought to life this year.There is grand NEWNESS birthing itself within me, and like a child, my eyes are huge with delight.My heart is OPENING to hear.It’s been the most POWERFUL year of my life.My very thirsty Soul leaves this year truly QUENCHED.I am READY for more…bring It on!This has been a completely SOUL-FULL year.The Ancient TREES have captured my heart and my attention.It’s been The Year of UNLAYERING Who I Truly Am.I AM, VICTORIOUS.To all that lays before me, I say, “WELCOME.”I am nothing but XCITED for all that is to come.Showing the world Who I Truly Am for the first time in 56 years, I just Let. It. Go. and laughed, “YOLO!”2015 was an absolutely ZENITH year.#totallyhumbled   #decemberreflections

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