Taking action was NOT an option this year. With all that transpired…hearing the Guidance and Direction given by the Ancestors and Great GrandMother Cedar…showing up for the work was definitely mandatory. Not in the sense that I had no choice (we always have choice), but in the humbling significance and sheer honor of hearing a Great Elder pop through the Veil and ask something of me, with what felt like an urgency – well, you don’t say no to that.  You just DO what you’re told.That was Lesson #1: SHOW UP with all humility and gratitude, whether you feel like it or not…whether you have amazing experiences or none. This ain’t about you, baby. Wow, did She ever teach me that in a hilariously humbling way, chewing my ars the very first time we met! Needless to say, I got it, sat up and listened, showed up faithfully, and stopped waiting.I am here, GrandMa. I’m showing up and I’m talking. Like, out loud even. And, they are heart-fully listening, just like you said they would! And they want to know what you have to tell us. So…no more waiting. It’s time. Just like you said.
 #showupandseewhathappens    #decemberreflections

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