Delicious-Laurie_Nelson-AncestralThunder.comThis is what has been delicious to me in 2015:
Conversations with my Ancestors and the Ancient Ones in the glory of Pacific Northwest forests.
Watching “Lost” and “Friends” with my Daughters.
Making soup for my beloved friends.
InJoying time with my Eldest at the spa.
Spinning wool with my blessed Parents, Sister and GrandChildren.
Celebrating the Birth of my very. cool. Son.
Witnessing the sheer beauty of true love as my dear Brother married the perfect woman for him.
Seeing the joy on my eldest Brother’s face as he spoke of his art being hung in a museum.
Making ferry trips to be in the presence of Children I Love.
Feeling my heart swell as I experienced my best friend’s perseverance in forging the metal of his own life.
It was also:
The pain and wisdom of being hurt.
The luxury of learning to forgive and let go.
The peace of praying for others in their suffering.
The bliss of unlayering and exposing the core and heartwood of this Soul.
The glee with which that was (and is) surrounded, celebrated and lifted up by my beautiful community.
Delicious, is the the way I am Held by a Hand, in perfect Guidance, on a perfect Path, that I am ever so humbled and honored to walk.
This was a very delicious year, indeed. I wish every one of you a very delicious 2016. May you be blessed to see the perfection in every moment of your life.
#blessedineverymoment #decemberreflections

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