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For many years I’ve been celebrating, dancing, and ceremonializing the moon’s changes, clearly noticing energy differences within myself at the dark and full moons. Science has shown us how much the changing moon effects the Earth. Ice sheets in the Antarctic slip 20% faster during the full and dark moons. Billions of tons of ocean water are pulled every day as the tides rise and recede according to the dance of the moon, and making tides extreme during the dark and full moons. This push and pull also influences us, whether we are aware of it or not.

Ebb and flow…the stuff life is made of.

One of the paramount tasks in life is learning to reside in a place of deep-rooted placidity while the movements of moon, stars, and planets covertly tug and push, and as our own life experiences and other people’s energies shift. Taking sanctuary in the silence of the heart during these fluctuations, instead of getting caught in tumult and maelstrom, we find we are able to simply observe dynamics whirling and twirling at a distance, sometimes like a leaf dancing in the wind, and sometimes like a tornado tearing everything apart.

Today energies are high like the tide, drawing me out to the forest to sit once again in ceremony, prayer, drumming and silence. In the woods we are gifted the experience of this inner shelter of tranquility. When we still ourselves, we can hear how to stay in this state of equanimity when we return to culture and commotion. Remaining in that holy place of peace is a beautiful daily practice, and a living sadhana.

Blessed Full Moon to you.

2 thoughts on “Tides of Life

  1. Hi Laurie, I was enjoying and appreciating your website. Thinking of you.

    I was so hoping to be at unity on mother’s day, but I did not reize that my class was being held the same day of which I’m a student for a 3 year commitment.

    I do enjoyed meeting you and wish you a seamless sale of your home.

    Amy who is living in The Nest, our vintage trailer is planning on living either the end of August or September…fyi.

    Wishing you so much happiness…we shall see how our lives unfold…

    In love and gratitude..Pamela


    1. Thank you Pamela. It was such a surprise to see you at the Kirtan, thank you for honoring us with your presence! All is going so well here…guided by the Divine. ❤ I look forward to many more!


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