Quan-Yin_the-face-of-equanimity_AncestralThunder.comMy beloved daughter Katie, was in a tough car accident a few weeks ago, leaving her with a concussion. Not knowing anything about what is called an “invisible injury,” I assumed it would pass quickly and she would pop back into her bright, powerful self.What I am learning, is the tremendous challenge and long-term healing these things take – on every level. Of course physically, there is visual and cognitive therapy to be done, but also pain and migraines to live with, and extreme light and sound sensitivity to endure…for months. This would be a deep challenge for the best of us, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.Katie, being a single mom to two beautiful small children and working full time as a teacher, has her plate full, so to speak. Fortunately, she has been graced with a friend and partner to assist and support her, because it has become a marathon of healing.I’ve learned much watching her move through this time of healing. She has dug down deep into her medicine bag of heart and spirit, to carry all this from a place of true courage and equanimity. Moments are not always peace-filled for her, but I’ve witnessed her process of holding this container of healing by sinking deeply into the roots of her knowledge of healing and self-care, creating sacred space in her home, practicing yoga and meditation, eating nourishing foods, taking healing herbs, seeing many medical specialists and following their guidance, slowing way down, learning to say no to things that would not support her healing, doing seva by serving others in her community, and taking lots of deep breaths. She has learned the gorgeous value of loving herself deeply.I am so indebted to this great Teacher of mine for showing, reminding, and inviting me into her quiet ways of healing expression…vast and gently powerful. Loving oneself unconditionally and doing all that it takes to self-care like she is doing, is blessed. Finding the face of equanimity — peace within — amidst the sacred chaos of all that Life gives us, is such a beautiful lesson. It is the true faith-walk. Thanks Kake, for allowing me to witness your grace-filled walk of conviction, love, and healing.Love,yo Mama❤️❤️❤️

2 thoughts on “The Face of Equanimity

  1. Lovely…hope she isnt doing too much Seva righy now…later will be better…but it sounds like she knows how to take care of herself beautifullyy…I feel concerned for all those warriors pulled to play foot ball.


    1. Sue, yes me too for the football players. The movie made about that made us all much more aware of how impacting a concussion can really be. Thank you for your sweet sentiments about Katie…she has found that by giving to others, she receives her own healing. She’s really amazing. Peace to you, Sister!


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