Hello beloveds!

Today I am healing from a pretty tough sprained ankle, and wanted to share with you how to make your own herbal medicine called a poultice, which rests on the skin and heals the deep tissue of the body. In this video we’ll be making a Comfrey Poultice, an ancient herbal healing modality that works deeply and quickly for mending bumps, bruises, broken bones, and sprains!

Comfrey Poultice herbal medicine healing sprains and broken bones with Laurie Nelson of AncestralThunder.com

Comfrey has been used globally for centuries as an herbal medicine, to deep-heal sprains and breaks. It’s common name ‘comfrey’ comes from the Latin “con firma,” in reference to it’s use in knitting broken bones back together. Our ancestors called it ‘knitbone‘ just for that reason! Comfrey’s genus name Symphytum sources from the Greek root word sympho, which means ‘to unite.’

In this herbal medicine-making video, I’ll show you how to make your own poultices, should you or anyone around you ever sprain something, or break a bone, and we’ll talk about cultivating your own Comfrey (it’s so easy!). I’ve used poultices for years with my own family, and have found them a safe, effective, and truly healing form of plant therapy. Watch…

If you don’t have Comfrey in your yard, ask a friend who has some for a piece of root. Plant it and watch it grow! You can also buy dried Comfrey Leaf and use it just like the video shows to create an herbal Comfrey Poultice. In that case, add dried leaf and boiling water in a blender until it becomes the right consistency to make a gel paste. My favorite place to buy organic dried herbs is Mountain Rose, and here’s a link to their dried Comfrey Leaf page: https://www.mountainroseherbs.com/products/comfrey-leaf/profile (I am not an affiliate, nor do I get a kick-back from anyone for promoting products. I simply have used these folks as a resource for many years and believe in their products and ethics.)

A note of caution…Comfrey has pyrrolizidine alkaloids in it that may be toxic so I do not recommend taking it internally for any reason. Use comfrey externally only, but never on skin that has been broken or abraded. Of course, consult your doctor before using herbal therapies, especially if you are pregnant, nursing, or on any medications.

Happy healing! Big Loves…

Love, Laurie

4 thoughts on “Heal a Sprain with Comfrey…

  1. Thanks for including how long it is safe to use it!! But, specifically, if my fracture takes between 4 to 6 weeks to heal, is it safe to use twice a day for that entire duration? I’m sorry, I know you probably can’t legally answer these questions! But I have to try! Also, could you tell me, just more or less, how much faster a break would heal with comfrey versus doing nothing but immobilizing and staying off of it? I have a toe fracture, already saw a doc. But now I’m just trying to heal it faster. Thanks if you have any info. I know this is for informational purposes/educational purposes, doesn’t take the place of the advice of an MD etc., etc., etc., but I trust herbalists more at times. πŸ™‚ Cheers and thanks again for the video!


    1. Hi Sophie! I can only tell you what I’ve done for myself and my family. Everyone has a different body chemistry and medical history, and bodies react differently regarding healing times and methods. I wish I could give you a definitive answer to your great questions, but my best advice is to consult your local herbalist and naturopath. Together, they can make recommendations just for you, based on your medical history. Happy healing!


      1. No problem I totally get it. And I just watched your video which was helpful. Now, do you actually sit for two hours, TWICE a day? Could I get away with one hour twice a day? Probably right?


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