Come behind the scenes with me as I take you on a magical visionary journey to explore the process of how I co-Birth a Sacred Drum.As a sacred artist, I am commissioned by clients to intuitively create one-of-a-kind Sacred Drums through a process I call, “co-Birthing.” The magic begins with my client tapping into their own intuition through a forest meditation process that I give them…a kind of “heartwork.” Once I receive their “heartwork”, I begin the Birthing process by taking Drum Journeys on their behalf, to speak with my clients (and my own) Ancestors, Guardians and Spirit Guides, and the Ancient Ones who communicate the Vision for the Drum’s artwork and creation. Then, I allow this Vision to come through my hands into the Sacred Drum. Once it is Birthed, an Awakening Ceremony is performed, where I once again take a Drum Journey and bring information back for my client, from the spirit of the Drum itself as it presences itself. This process is caught on camera and sent to my clients. What you will witness here are actual clips from video that was created for one of my beloved clients.

2 thoughts on “The Magical Journey of Drum-Making

    1. Bless you Juanita, yes. I am in the midst of transitioning my entire site to a new platform, which will take me just a little bit of time (my Winter’s work). I look forward to much more writing once my new site has settled! Thank you for your kind words!


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