My Beloved Friends,This morning I awoke to a gorgeous sunrise, and calm, warm skies, after a stormy night of downpour pounding on the roof. It was actually quite cozy last night to snuggle up in warm blankets listening to the rhythm of the falling rain.As I settle in at my desk with a cup of tea and a warm heart filled with gratitude for all the lessons of this past year, I hold the thought of you in such sweet tenderness – as if holding a tiny wild bird in my hands, warming it with my love, to release back into its home. I revere knowing you, even if it has only been afar or in a small way, and am ever so grateful for the moments and connections we have shared.The year passed has been one of great change in this life, most of it chosen, and some of it effected by outside forces. As I listen to many of you out and off in the world, I hear the same thing. It has been a wide-eyed year of transformation and often, turbulence.When much is lost or taken, or stripped from, or has fallen away, or simply changes in our lives, there is an opportunity to release and let go of the attachment that was bound to the lost thing, dream or person. As I gave away item after item while simplifying this life over the past year, I was stunned over and over again by how many deeply woven strands of emotional attachment there were to things small and great, valuable and not. Upon becoming aware of these, I curiously began to explore the strands I had wound around my dreams, and then looked at the massive braiding I had done around people I had loved.This was such eye and heart-opening work, and was coupled with a transmutation of self identity, values and priority. The process of walking through this was not an easy one, and came with stormy oceans of emotion-waves ebbing and flowing, pounding the shores of my heart and mind and receding, and then at some point, finally, finally, calming.Sitting with the changes that were and are, and yet to come, and after a year filled with so many changes and shifts and letting go, what has become available is the gift of coming to a quieted place of acceptance. Not surrender or giving in or giving up, but a true letting go into something else, some place else within. A seemingly magical place, but one that has been written about for eons.Perhaps what seems magical to me, is simply that it is such a new and different feeling and way of being. It’s an openness, an emptiness (without sadness) as if one were a hollow instrument just waiting for the music to be played through it. And right behind this pure acceptance of come-what-may, has come a sweet peace and depth of love that I find not entangled in bindings or cords of expectation and attachment.It’s freedom. To be, to love, to witness, to experience life as it moves and changes all around me. And it’s still a work in progress. I am a work in progress, forever. I think, our greatest perfection as humankind, is in walking one’s own path of progress throughout life, step by tiny step. And continuing that walk in the face of great change or fear or loss. Therein lies the perfection. Just the walking itself is the perfection. I believe with all my heart and soul it’s what we are here to do. Simply continue the walk.So, on this day of Giving Thanks, as always, I think of all of you who touch this life in ways small and large, for you are all teachers of mine in some way, and I bow with tears and gratitude for all that is, and all that was…and all that is yet to be, come what may.My heart and prayers surround you and our planet of family, always and all ways, day after day after day. Lokah samastah sukhino bhavantu. May all beings be happy, may all beings be well.Love, Laurie

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