On this eve of the Winter Solstice, I wait, anticipating dawn and the shortest day of the year, along with the height of the Full Moon. Both Sun and Moon will be at their zenith, each at different places in the spectrum – the least and the most. In the darkest of days and longest of nights, Moon decides She must light the way and this one is considered a supermoon – closest to the Earth. Meanwhile, Sun does His best to shine light while residing furthest away for those of us in the northern hemisphere, which leaves us with one heck of a short day tomorrow.

In the morning as Moon expands Her radiance, I will be in solitude, and in Ceremony, taking a drum “Journey for a Vision” on behalf of a family known to me as “Owl Clan” in Saskatchewan, who have commissioned a Sacred Drum to be brought to life for them. They call me “grandmother” and I am entirely honored to being doing this work on their behalf. The energies and Guides are powerful and have been already present and waiting expectantly to begin.

When I do this work, I await communication from Beyond the Veil as to when I must take each step in the Drum’s creation. It was only a few days ago that I was given a vision to do ceremony tomorrow. It seems absolutely perfect that I will be journeying on the darkest day of the year for Owl Clan, and at the peak of the Full Moon. In symbolic and spiritual terms, Owl is She Who Can See in the Dark, and is also known to some as Night Eagle. Owl has been my closest Guide for decades and was the first one to make Herself known to me when I was just beginning this walk. That Owl Clan and I share the mystery of being tapped by this Guide, is no coincidence.

As I prepare to bring this Drum to life, I will also be sharing parts of the walk with you, my beloved planet of Family. The photo here is of the altar where this Drum’s Sacred Circle rests and waits, along with Rock People gathered in Saskatchewan, as well as in Waters rolling off Apu Tahoma (Mt. Rainier). The prayer ribbons were blessed in these Waters, and I am including a link to the welcoming video that was made for Owl Clan.

I’ll share the next video with you once it’s complete, where I speak of the Vision received during the Journey tomorrow, and what wants to be painted upon the Sacred Drum that is coming through for Owl Clan. Until then, I send you my greatest blessings for a deeply touching, peace-filled and warm Solstice and Full Moon. My prayers will be with you in Ceremony.

Big Love,
Laurie, Grandmother

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