On this beautiful day the Rains held themselves back long enough for me to sit by the Carbon River, to meditate, to journey, to sing, to send my love and blessings across the miles to Owl Clan in Saskatchewan, Canada. In the Journey for a Vision, many Guardians and Guides were surrounding and supporting the entire celebration.

Every time I journey for a Sacred Drum vision, it is so different from all the others and rather blows my mind – quite a good thing, I tend to think. This time was no different. The beings presenting themselves were clear and loud in their requests and directions for what needs to be given to this upcoming Drum. Snowy Owl, Merlin, and Water Serpent all stepped right onto the Mesa, as a kind of totemic structure, one atop the other, each staring intently into the Carrier’s eyes.

Around the hoop, the Stone People want to be, to hold the foundational strength and as container for all the living and healing waters of the world to be channeled through the sound current of this Sacred Drum. And of course, Water herself, overflowing the edges of the Mesa and over the Stone People, representing the ever-flowing healing life force that supports and love us all.

Now, to the drawing board as I figure out how to make this vision come to life. Oddly enough, this is always a challenge for me, as I never know how to do what I See, lol! I find that by sitting with it, pencil in hand, and being willing to just draw one line at a time, and not know – that somehow, something comes forward ever so slowly, much to my surprise. Every time! It’s an entirely different place to work from, at least for this woman with a lifetime of rehearsed, theatrical, memorize-it-all-first kind of productions. This surely ain’t that!

Enjoy this video of the vision that came forward for Owl Clan. I send them (and you) my Great Love. Blessed Solstice and turning of the Great Wheel once again! I’ll be back with drawings and the Sacred Circle (hoop) once it has begun to take shape.

Laurie, Grandmother

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