❤️ 11 days. For 11 days in hospice, you taught me about life and transitions and love. You taught me about true guidance from Beyond even while here, as you reached through the Veil to guide and direct and hold. My knowing and faith and my hope and conviction of the heart are clearer, are stronger. I am forever changed at the way you directed the entire final act.

Then, you took one last peaceful breath and slipped out quietly, unassumingly, and without fanfare – just like you did as you ended every choir concert – stepping off the podium as audiences exploded into applause, walking onto the stage and opening those long arms wide with all humility and grace, to give all the credit to your students who had brought the music of angels to life at your command.

I am softened, tumbled down the River of Letting Go, rougher edges wearing off. My heart is broken open and I See Beyond more clearly.

I feel you more present with me now than I ever have before, and with the way our hearts were entwined in this life, you and I, that is a tremendous amount of energy and love. Thank you Papa. Thank you for directing and guiding and leading us through this final month with you – where I experienced you as Soul, taking command and making certain that every one of us and all details would be cared for at exactly the precise moment, as if on cue and perfectly timed. Ever the graceful director. ❤️

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