I picked you up today – the ashes of your life in such a small vessel for such a large and radiant man. I know this is not you, yet, it held you so well, so gracefully through all the changes you sustained and the lessons you learned in your 96! year walk on Earth this time. But there your temple is held, fresh from the Sacred Pyre that assisted in disintegrating ties and bonds to this earthly life and all it held for you – and me, with you.

Now my work is to just allow the waves and feelings, the brain fog and internal softness – to be. Just Be. I watch and witness the rise and fall of my own breath and mind as they both work to process what was, and what Is.

I thought (ha!) that I was prepared for this – this Sacred Letting Go, this Grand Surrender of what was SO beloved, into the Great Arms of Invisible Grace. And yet – it is so very hard to release my tight grasp on what was, afraid there is not yet more to be – and all the while Knowing that There Is, so much, More Yet To Be.

It is fascinating, to say the least, to watch and still experience the yin and the yang of life and death, joy and suffering, relief and yet holding ones breath.

The tides ebb and flow, the waves they roll, and ever you are with me. Always and All Ways Papa. ❤️

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