Selfless service is the bedrock of compassion. One Beautiful Being at at time. Another name for it, is Seva. It is the way we lift each other up, whether through an organization or by helping our community, friends or family. Join me in celebrating the many ways we can uplift our Planet of Family.We are currently helping elders who have no way to access the care they need. We learned of Watsi, a nonprofit that is totally transparent, and offers pathways to serve by crowdfunding the medical attention these folks need. Patients are referred to Watsi by local doctors and medical centers all over the world. Our small donations lead to life-saving health care for these folks.

Currently raising funds to help…

 Vision restoration for SENG: GrandFather of 6 in CambodiaGrandFather_Seng-donate-thru-WatsiSeng is an 83-year-old grandfather from Cambodia suffering from cataracts in each eye. Medical partner, Children’s Surgical Centre (CSC), shares, “Two years ago, Seng developed a cataract in each eye. This causes him blurred vision, cloudy lenses, and he is uncomfortable in sunshine.” Seng is married with four sons, three daughters, and six grandchildren. He enjoys visiting the pagoda to listen to the monks pray in his free time. Seng and his son traveled 12 hours to reach CSC. Seng hopes that with restored vision he will be able to do work such as repair sewing machines and easily go anywhere outside.

For $225 Seng will receive a surgery in which his clouded lenses will be removed and replaced with clear lens implants. CSC states that after treatment, “Seng will be able to see clearly again.”UPDATE: We heart-fully await and anticipate GrandFather Seng to be fully funded.

Elders who are now receiving care…

Lifesaving chemotherapy for ISABEL: An Indigenous Elder from GuatemalaIsabel-needs-chemotherapy-Watsi55-year-old Isabel has cervical cancer. She is a mother of three children and lives in a small home in rural Guatemala. “She told our staff that she has never had a steady job,” shared medical partner, Wuqu’ Kawoq (WK). “Since childhood and adolescence she has worked as a housewife. Her husband is a farmer but he stopped working and supporting her about 10 years ago for undisclosed reasons. Now, she works selling clothing and crafts.Her dream for the future is to have greater success with her business and seek other forms of income for her family. Her favorite activity is attending church with her only brother.” Isabel came to WK after living with uncomfortable symptoms for three years. “She never had the courage or the money to seek care,” WK said. “There is a lot of discrimination against Indigenous people in the public healthcare system.”Isabel will now be able to receive chemotherapy to treat her cancer. Not only will she undergo treatment, but she will receive all of WK’s services – bus transportation from her village to the government hospital, translation while in the hospital, and general case management. “Without assistance, Isabel would have been unable to afford the life-saving care she needs,” WK says.UPDATE: Isabel was fully funded. Great Gratitude to Isabel’s 25 donors who raised the $1430 necessary for her chemotherapy. We continue to pray for Isabel and send her our love and healing energy.We anxiously await an update on her care and well-being.

Post-surgery updates…

Restoring sight for SUN: GrandMother of 13 in Cambodia

Sun-is-receiving-surgery-to-restore-her-eyesight-WatsiSun is a 75-year-old mother of six and grandmother of 13. She lives in Cambodia, where she spends her free time talking with her neighbors and visiting the pagoda to listen to the monks pray. “Ten years ago, Sun developed a cataract in each eye,” says  Children’s Surgical Centre (CSC). A cataract occurs when proteins buildup inside the eye lens, clouding sight.With blurry vision, itchiness, and sensitivity to bright light, Sun found herself with less overall independence. She explained, “It was hard for me to see anything and recognize the faces of everyone clearly. It was hard to do any work by myself or go walking anywhere on my own. After hearing about CSC from a neighbor, Sun traveled four hours to reach their clinic.Doctors at CSC will perform an operation to remove the cloudy lenses in both of Sun’s eyes and replace them with new, artificial implants. Within one day of her procedure, Sun will be able to see clearly again.Excited for her treatment, Sun says, “I hope my eyes can see everything clearly after treatment so I can easily do any work by myself and go walking anywhere outside.”UPDATE: Sun was fully funded. Great Gratitude to Sun’s 12 donors who raised the $225 necessary for her cataract surgery. We continue to pray for Sun and send her our love and healing energy.Sun received vision-restoring cataract surgery. After a brief, 40-minute procedure, “Sun can see everything more clearly than before,” our medical partner, Children’s Surgical Centre (CSC), says. “She has been instructed to apply eye drops daily to protect herself from infection.” “I feel very happy,” Sun shares. “I can see everything more clearly than before and I can go walking anywhere by myself easily. I can help my family cook food and take care my grandchild at home.”

Abdominal Surgery for NYAKAIRU: a widower in Africa

Nyakairu“Nyakairu is a widower and father of two,” shares our medical partner, African Mission Healthcare Foundation (AMHF). “He is a retired mechanic, and now takes care of his banana plantation to earn money to support himself. He lives alone in his house in a small village.”

Nyakairu has an inguinal hernia, which is a bulge of soft tissue that protrudes through a weak part of the abdominal wall into the groin region. AMHF explains: “Four months ago when Nyakairu was having a shower, he noticed swelling in his groin. He went to a health unit in his home village for medical treatment. Nyakairu was given drugs and advised to go to a hospital if the drugs did not help. He finished the drugs and was still wondering where to get money for a hospital when he heard from a friend about the Watsi program.”For $220, Nyakairu will undergo inguinal hernia repair surgery, during which an incision is made into the abdominal cavity and the hernia is either pushed back into place or removed. “With this surgery, Nyakairu will be able to continue working on his plantation and he will no longer be at risk of intestinal obstruction, incarceration, or strangulation,” says AMHF.“Thank you very much for bringing us such a great service and help,” says Nyakairu. “God bless you.”

UPDATE: Nyakairu was fully funded for his surgery. Great Gratitude to Nyakairu’s 6 donors who raised the $220 necessary for his surgery. We continue to pray for Nyakairu and send him our love and healing energy. “Nyakairu’s inguinal hernia repair was a success,” reports his doctor at African Mission Healthcare Foundation. “There is no more risk of strangulation or intestinal obstruction. After recovery he plans to continue working in his banana plantation for it’s his only source of income and it’s where he gets food from.” Nyakairu shares,”Thank you for giving me help. I will be well. God bless you.”

Fibroid surgery for ROSE: Mama to 3 children in Uganda

Rose“I really feel unwell and I cannot afford to pay for surgery,” shares Rose, a 45-year-old woman from Uganda. “Rose started feeling lower abdominal pain two years ago. She went to a clinic where she was diagnosed with fibroids,” says our medical partner, African Mission Healthcare Foundation (AMHF). Fibroids are non-cancerous growths in the uterus, which often cause severe pain and bleeding. “Because of the pain and bleeding Rose gets tired very easily and she cannot do her work as she used to,” AMHF explains.Rose is a housewife with three children. She enjoys serving people in her family’s small Christian community. “Her husband is self-employed, doing bicycle transport services, from which he earns very little,” AMHF says. For $250, we can fund a hysterectomy to remove Rose’s uterus, relieving her from the pain and bleeding her fibroids have caused. Following this surgery, Rose wants to return to growing food so she can feed her family and sell enough to make a small income.UPDATE: Rose was fully funded for her surgery. Great Gratitude to Rose’s 3 donors who raised the $250 necessary for her cataract surgery. We continue to pray for Rose and send her our love and healing energy. Rose received treatment for uterine fibroids. “Rose’s total abdominal hysterectomy was a success,” states our medical partner, African Mission Healthcare Foundation (AMHF). “She is no longer bleeding and in minimal pain.” After recovery, the mother of three hopes to continue working hard to look after her family and to serve in her small Christian community. “Thank you so much for the help you’ve given me,” Rose shares.

Vision restoration for NAM: GrandMother of 18 in CambodiaNam-GrandMother-in-Cambodia76-year-old Nam is married with seven daughters and 18 grandchildren. “She spends her free time doing house work, visiting the pagoda to listen to the monks pray, and meditating,” shares our medical partner in Cambodia, Children’s Surgical Centre (CSC). “Nam developed a cataract in each eye three years ago. This causes her blurred vision, irritation, tearing, and burning,” explains CSC.Cataracts occur as proteins develop in the lens of the eye, causing cloudiness. Without treatment, the cloudiness increases over time and results in slowly deteriorating vision. This can ultimately result in total blindness, and is especially common in regions near the equator due to high ultraviolet light exposure.  “I cannot see clearly and go outside by myself or do any work,” Nam says.We helped to fund surgery to cure Nam’s cataracts. In each eye, doctors will make a small incision to surgically remove the clouded lens and replace it with a new, artificial lens. Surgery will fully restore Nam’s vision.UPDATE: Nam was fully funded on December 22, 2015! Great Gratitude to Nam’s 5 donors who raised the $225 necessary for her cataract surgery! We continue to pray for Nam and send her our love and healing energy. Nam had cataract surgery to restore her vision. “Nam can see everything much clearer than before,” our medical partner, Children’s Surgical Centre (CSC), shares. To ensure that her simple cataract surgery creates significant improvements, “she has been instructed to apply eye drops daily to protect herself from infection.” Nam looks forward to being able to contribute to her home again. “I feel so happy that my eyes can see everything clearly, now I can help my daughter cook food, clean the home and take care of my grandchild at home,” she shares. “I can go to pagoda with my village and join any ceremony.”  “I feel very happy that my mother can see everything clearly with both eyes,” Nam’s daughter adds. “Now I’m not to worry about her eyes becoming blind and I am very thankful to the doctors and staff at CSC that helped with the surgery for her eyes.”

We are helping our planet of family through Watsi, a completely transparent non-profit, where 100% of our donations fund life-changing healthcare.

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