Welcome to the woods! This is where I live and love spending time, and where I go to find my center when I feel a bit out of balance in daily life. I grew up in Nebraska, but fell in love with Washington State when I moved here at 17 years old. It felt so exotic compared to the Midwest. The constantly lapping edges of Puget Sound, the many boats and harbors, the salt in the wind, the mountains with snow, all the gorgeous places to hike, and oh! the Cedars! How it all captured me so. This is definitely where my heart and roots are nourished. Inspired by Henry David Thoreau when I was a teen, one of my life-long dreams has been to live simply and sustainably within the sanctuary of many Tree People. Having donated most of my belongings, unfolding to sustainability and simplicity are a part of my ongoing daily journey.


I am an absolute nut for being outside, and if I could, I would spend every day, all day outdoors. There’s just something very magical about it for me. I also love cozy cabins and wood fires in a fireplace, along with a hot cup of tea and a good book. I listen to Dan Fogelberg, acoustic folk guitar music, Kenny Rankin, and the lyrics of Michael Franks can still make me giggle. I have always been an introvert, and even though I was trained as a child to be on stage and in front of audiences, my quiet nature has remained. I’ve spent this life learning about and experiencing wisdom traditions and deep spirituality, sometimes through teachers and books, but most profoundly through solitary practice and experience.


I’m in love with the Tree People, all Trees, large and small, deciduous and coniferous. It never ceases to amaze me how quickly I become peace-filled next to Them, whether in a park, someone’s front yard, or deep in the shadows of the forest. The Ancient Ones – massive old Trees in the rainforests are absolutely stunning and open my heart. They take my breath away and fill me with fathomless understanding when I am questioning elements of life.


Another of my loves is journaling. I have been scrawling my life experiences for over 50 years. One of my favorite places to write is at the ocean…the meditative sound of the water as it rolls endlessly onto the shore, and the deeply intoxicating scent of the salt air as it enters my lungs, fills me with bliss. I write like crazy whether I’m sitting on the dunes of the Pacific Coast or the rocky ledges of Maine. Some of my favorite poetic and flowery stuff has spilled onto paper while in contemplation at the edge of the sea. Living in the Pacific Northwest affords me the joyous opportunity to get to the ocean in just a few hours, and entices me to retreat to that salty, sandy paradise at least twice a  year. It also doesn’t hurt that the rainforest is at the coast as well. Ahhhhh.


Drum-making and drum playing have become a healing form of creative therapy for me, and is one of my meditative practices, a connective tool with Nature, and a rocketship to God. A few years ago, I was Called to Birth and Awaken a very powerful Ancestral GrandMother’s Drum. The Inner Sacred Circle holds the names of eleven generations of my female Ancestors and Descendants – I feel Their energy and hear Their counsel when I play it. It was Birthed after a compelling solitary retreat in the RainForest, where I heard the voices of my Ancestors and the Ancient Ones urging me to step up, into the role as GrandMother – spiritual guide for my tribe (family and friends). It is something I am growing into. Bringing a Sacred Drum into being is a life-changing experience.


Thank you for joining me. I am deeply touched and honored that you are here.


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