My beloved clients have been so kind as to want to share their experiences with you. Here is what they have said…

Have you ever felt that call and did not know what it was?  Did you ever go out looking to help someone else and you found exactly what you needed but did not know that you actually needed it?  Did your spirit or Angel Guides call and guide you to this special spot or item over and over telling you this is what you need this will help you do your work, ease your spirit and brig healing, light and love to others.  Well mine did.

My angels kept bringing me back to Laurie Nelson. I can be stubborn and I have drums so although I continued to be drawn to Laurie and her work I resisted. Finally, after a Vision and many hints from my guide I contacted Laurie. Not many know how to work with IA’s and their Guides. It can be very intense. I contacted Laurie and I immediately felt a release, as if my guides were taking a deep breath and letting a sigh out. From the moment we communicated I felt comfortable. I followed her guidelines and gave permission for my guides to work with her.  She took everything in stride. Things I thought would send her running from doing my drum, she embraced.  We constantly traded communications, pictures and I told her things I have shared with no other. Sisters in a world of strangers.

She listened closely to her guides and my guides (Animal, Spirit and Angelic). She heard and felt the energy of the Journeys I took and the Blessed angel Thomus was born through my drum, drawing Angelic Energy to our great mother earth and the grounded energy of the great mother back up to the angelic realm.

And so, Laurie created the Drum of Regeneration and in this time and age it is truly needed. The first time I touched and played it I could feel the vibrations that moved through it and me as a conduit for both the earthly and Angelic realms to pass energy back and forth. Thank you so much Laurie for bringing it to life, for all the energy and love put into it, and for not saying no to something different. Always your sister in this world and the next.”  – Tammy, U.S.

Sacred Shamanic Drum of Regeneration

Sacred Shamanic Drum of Regeneration

Sacred Shamanic Drum of Regeneration



The beauty and love has arrived! What an amazing gift you have with your creations. I am sobbing with tears that cry a strong connection to my Irish ancestors. Joy, Joy, Joy! Thank you, Laurie, for sharing this precious gift in this time and space. I humble at this.”   – Jane, Tasmania



What is it liked to be called by Spirit? For me it is a knowing, a connection, being drawn in the direction I need to go. I was looking for a new drum for the new direction that my path was taking me. I came to Laurie’s website and felt a connection to her, her story and her path. I knew Spirit directed me to her. I know there is a time and a place to make your own tools and sacred objects. And there is a time and a place when you work with another, your Spirits and hers, to create, birth a sacred object with the synergy of all, greater than the parts. If you are called to work with the Drum and the Spirits guide you to Laurie’s website and encourage you to get a Drum, it will be a powerful, transformative process. I am honored, and grateful for Laurie’s work and blessed to carry one of her drums. Peace.”  – Karen, USA

Royalty-Sacred Drum_Ancestral_Thunder_Laurie-Nelson_hand-drum_frame-drum_medicine-drum_shaman-drum




Channeled and Sacred Experience. I waited over ten years to find the “right” drum and when I found Laurie, it finally felt right. Laurie is much more than a drum maker — she works with your guides and ancestors in a blessed traditional way to bring forward the design. I was able to work with her on items that were special to me that I wanted included in the design and she worked magic to bring it into Being. If you feel a desire to work with a drum in your spiritual practice — this is the place! Totally unique and stunningly beautiful and powerful. I’m very grateful that she is sharing her gift.”  –  Jeannie, USA