Hello Beautiful One!

I’ve been doing much driving over the past couple of months, helping a friend move his life and business from L.A. to the Pacific Northwest. It’s been a long haul, and lots of hard work physically and emotionally. I didn’t really consider the emotional aspects of moving, but they really became forefront as we tripped back and forth during the many drives up and down the coast.


When you drive for hours and days on end, it can become rather like a very long meditation. I mostly listen to instrumental music or sit with the quiet while driving, so the mind freely wanders and makes itself known. I did lots of listening to the thoughts that flowed while traveling.

Interestingly, when this kind of meditation goes on for hours, the stuff in the sediment of the mind comes up to the surface, exposing curious patterns and lessons.

I had a big “Aha!” experience as I was driving up the gorgeous coastline, after having driven by myself for about five hours. During that time, thoughts dipped in and out, gracefully flying by. At one point in the drive, I had stopped to talk to my friend for a moment, and he said four words that stimulated what I have now come to understand as a thought and emotion “Cascade.” 

If Earth is a school, and all of life is our individual curriculum, the experience of the four words brought on a cascading of many lessons all into one huge learning.

He said to me in that moment on the road, “Where are you going?”  Out of the blue, my chest and gut contracted, face flushed, emotions flooded and thoughts stormed. Even though I knew he could feel my reaction, I held fast to speaking from a resourceful place, finishing our conversation and continuing our drive.

Back in my own vehicle, I started the process of impartial introspection — looking at why on earth those four words stimulated so much physiological response in my body. I was having a simultaneous experience, watching all the reactions with no emotion from a place outside the body, at the same time they were actually happening in my body, which was absolutely fascinating.

Beautiful Waterfall In Autumn Forest

What I learned is that those four little words stimulated an entire string of cascading links, from events in the past all hooked together by that same physiological response and attached emotion. My Guides showed me clearly how my friend’s few words were linked to those exact same words uttered by someone else in my past during a different interaction where I felt bad afterward.

They showed me how there was a link from that experience to one before that with a different person, and another one years before that with an entirely different person, and back and back and back in time from experience to person to person to experience, until I was two years old.

It was a phenomenal experience to be shown my body/emotional reactions and the string of life events all linked together by the same impacting chemical sequence that made my heart contract and breathing become more shallow…at every experience with different people throughout the years.  My Guides then took me from that tiny girl experience forward again through time, stopping at each event to have me honor and say “thank you” to every human being who was linked.

I was told to see and honor each one as a great teacher,  for through these experiences I was able to receive a huge lesson on the effect and power of emotional Cascades in the present moment.

When I was finally done thanking each teacher, my Guides then had me go back in time again, teacher to teacher, speaking to each one during the precise moment I first contracted, at the age I was then, finding my voice to speak my truth with compassion about what was happening for me in those moments. Being an introvert and empath my entire life, speaking up for myself has been a real challenge, so this entire process of learning from the Cascade was liberating.

Turquoise Cascades

It was freeing to see the linkage and similarity of the body reactions to the life lessons, and just so incredible to finally let go of all those unconscious little balls of contraction left in my soul.

Through the power of forgiveness, gratitude for lessons, and speaking with kindness and compassion, I was freed of the tough ties with past experiences.

I may yet find myself contracted with another human being in time, but now I know how to see each person as a teacher, use those moments to speak my truth, and search out the gathered wisdom for further growth and opening.

Introspection is not always an easy thing to do, but wow, when you can allow yourself to look in deeply and without self-judgement, it makes such a profound difference in outcome and outlook. For me, that coastal drive will now forever be the ribbon of learning about Cascades.

To know others is wisdom;
To know yourself is enlightenment
To master others requires force;
To master yourself requires true strength.
— Lao-tsu,
Tao-te Ching, chapter 33

Greatest blessings upon you, Dear One!

Love, Laurie