Blessings to you my friend, in this wonder-full new year, filled with possibility and fresh beginnings!

2016 January Retreat AncestralThunder.comI take some quiet time as the year turns, for setting deep intentions. These are about the perception and frame of mind I need to make things happen, and I ask for help with this: “Open me up to hear more clearly, Your directives and guidance,” or “Give me the strength and courage I need to step out into the world and teach this year.” I have learned that wonderful things come from setting these intentions, coupled with showing up for the work that needs to be done to manifest them. Most of my great work during the past year was in the forest at dark and full moons.

Sitting with our backs to the trees, we instantly connect to the life-force of these gentle giants, or should I say, They instantly connect to us.

I liken it to the scene in the movie “Avatar,” when Jake learns how to “bond for life” by connecting and sharing energy through a channel of life-force. For the Nav’i people, this is done with the plant and animal world, a mate, and most importantly with their “tree of souls” – the tree that holds the voices of their Ancestors. The crucial piece is the intention Jake carries as he first makes the bond.

This is the way it works with the trees. We sit beneath Them, our spine to Theirs, aligning our energy centers with Theirs, and we ask for Their guidance and counsel. The key is in asking…we must ask.

They energetically connect us to Their life-line, the infinite current of Ancestral Wisdom that runs continentally and beyond through underground, unseen electrical currents and vibrations in the mycelial layer.

If you could see this network, it would look like tiny white twinkle lights.

In much the same way, They contact and communicate with each other, to share about how humans are doing on the surface of the Earth Mother, “discussing” how to best reach through the veil of ignorance to commune with us. When we stop our busy minds long enough while in Their presence, They instantly spring to life, offering us all They know in return, which is incredibly rich as you can imagine, coming from Beings much older than ourselves. Their gratitude is immense, in return for our willingness to just show up at Their feet, our own hearts filled with gratitude, honor and respect.

Sitting Amidst Giants -

If you’ve ever walked through a beautiful woodland, you’ve most likely felt more peaceful upon leaving. This is Their gift to us.

When we can unlearn the noise of the mind and are finally able to sit in inner silence within the Forest cathedral, They can work most effectively with us, aligning our energetics to the purity of who They are, the purity of who We are at heart, the “peace that passeth all understanding.”

It is a phenomenal experience to walk into a wood, sit at the feet of a giant elder, and immediately feel your energetic field aligning with Theirs; all thoughts vanish, and the third eye chakra spins and expands gently. This blissing effect lingers long after leaving the Forest, if you can remain out of the noise of normal life for awhile.

The more often you sit with Them, the easier it becomes to bring this level of peace and awareness back into daily life.

There is nothing more powerful or potent that I have ever experienced for aligning with God. It is instant and complete. I imagine this is why the Masters we all love and worship spent time in the deserts, forests, and mountains alone, in between their ventures in teaching the masses…to realign their hearts and minds with the mind of God. This is the gift of the Tree People…they are a conduit that we can tap into any time we desire.

Awakening_Ceremony-2015_AncestralThunder.comThe next time you have the blessing of walking amidst these colossal spirits, stop, sit, take some deep breaths, and ask Them to sing to your soul. Offer a bit of sage or tobacco, a piece of food or a hair from your head, to honor Them and give your thanks. Then, simply sit quietly, open your heart and mind, and allow. They will meld with you, whether you are aware of it or not.

They long for us — to have communion with us once again. They long to speak, hear our voices and laughter and tears, listen to our stories, feel our dances on the forest floor, and for entrainment with the rhythms of our drums and songs.

They are Calling us…you and me. All we need do is stop, listen, and open our hearts. They await our return.

Let me learn the lessons you have hidden
in every leaf and rock.

Chief Yellow Lark,
Lakota Nation, 1887

Great blessings upon you Dear One!

Love, Laurie