Hello Beautiful Ones!

A dear old soul friend of mine asked the other day, “What is enchantment and where do I find it?” She has been living through some big challenges in life and was seeking to be lifted up in some way.

The definition of enchantment goes something like this: to be delighted to a high degree, to have a magical quality to. Is it really possible to find this, even amidst the busy-ness and difficulties of life? A whole-hearted YES! Finding the magic in life changes it to a more beauty-filled and peace-full exist-dance.


Thanks to children’s movies, when we picture ‘being enchanted’ in our minds as kids, we see things like fairy godmothers, witches doing spells, riding off into the sunset on the back of a white horse toward a castle to live happily ever after, and guzzling unknown bottles of liquid labeled ‘drink me’ that take us down dark rabbit holes and through tiny doors.

So, now that we’re all grown up, where do we find this magical state of mind as adults?

As I grew into adulthood, I found enchantment touch my heart and take away my breath in the first throes of love, or in the moments after birthing when the realization of giving life to another soul was so amazingly impactful. These were beautiful and fleeting moments — the butterflies-in-the-tummy part of life. Yummy.

And I finally learned over time and through much experience that…

“Enchantment is an inside job.

We find it when we choose to be absolutely fascinated by what’s in front of us.”

The key word there is, ‘choose.’ The world is filled with tiny opportunities that will transport and beguile us, if only we will allow them to. Remember when we were kids and we would just sit and watch ants going in and out of an ant hill, or we’d lay on the grass and watch the clouds go by, and say to each other, “Oh, over there! A dragon! Do you see it?” and “Hey…it’s a big bear! Look!” and then we’d watch them shift and change and disappear in wisps, just to find another one. It was a delight-filled world.

When was the last time you laid back on the grass and just watched the clouds go by? Or sat in the woods, closed your eyes and listened to the voices of nature? Or threw off all your clothes and jumped with abandon into a pristine, glacial lake, screaming the whole way?

How to start finding the magic of life…


Get outside.

Go for a slow walk alone in nature, in the woods or through a rose garden in the park, or even down your street, breathing deeply and stopping to look at lots of little things along the way…things you’ve never taken the time to see or hear before. Going alone allows us to really slow down time, noticing tiny details that we might overlook when having another person along. Become aware of the sounds, smells and sights of nature. Use all your senses. Slow down. Breathe deeeeeply.

If you seriously want to learn to take in all of nature at her finest, check out Wilderness Awareness School’s Kamana program. It’s a finely crafted intensive home-study course in infusing yourself with all aspects of Nature’s magnificence. Life-changing stuff.


InJoy a meal with others.

Whether it’s with family, friends or those new to you…there’s something wonderfully uplifting about sharing food, laughter and tears with other people. Telling our stories and listening as those around us tell theirs, helps us to learn about life and how to get through it, reminding us of the magic around every corner, and implanting memories into our souls.


Find an art class.

Find joy in creating…bringing something to life. Allowing yourself to be a child again, without judging your work or ability and just delighting in the process of getting messy with color and paint is joy-filling. Classes are easy to find in local craft supply stores, as well as online. If you are shy about showing anyone your work, don’t! This is for you! Here’s a class I am excited to be taking, starting June 10th over at Sketchbook Skool.


Journal the good stuff.

Spend time alone writing, but instead of a “dear diary” scenario, write about things that make you feel good, or that you are grateful for, choosing to look for things to write about that are beauty-filled for you. If you can’t think of anything, make something up…a story about a world where all is beautiful and blissful to you. Go into your writing completely and let go. Resist the temptation to write about things that are going wrong in your life, and write about something that is going right. Look for the delight in life. Daily if you will.

Here are some writing prompts to get you started…

  • What brings you joy? What brings a smile to your lips…the person at the checkout counter who told you your blouse is pretty, or a soft breeze kissing your cheek, or a new sprout in your garden, or the crayon drawing of your child, or a pay increase, or hearing from an old friend?
  • What makes you laugh…an old movie, or a good joke told by a co-worker, or seeing the magnificence of an old-growth tree for the first time, or the delight of someone doing something nice for you, or your own foibles as you make mistakes in life?
  • What is fascinating to you…modern technology and it’s miracles, or the way that every blade of grass and every snowflake (and every human being) is completely different, or that a rose bud can open and bloom like that, giving it’s fragrance to entrance you, or playing a game with a good friend, or learning something new?
  • Where do you find beauty…in someones face, a flower, the smell of an infant’s head, an act of kindness someone did for you, the scent of the ocean, the childhood stories of your grandmother?


Take photographs.

Find something you think is cool to take a picture of. Look for different ways of seeing the same old things. My lovely friend Susannah Conway has a beautiful online class of photo-taking. Check out her Photo Meditations. I loved every minute of this class, and it opened my eyes to seeing right through my heart.



Movement of the body is a magical elixir for movement of the emotions and energy. My favorite is to dance…by myself out in Nature…laughing my ass off the whole time as I release tensions, feeling this glorious body, and shifting my perspective on what’s important. Dance like an animal would move. Make yourself giggle with delight by dancing as a child would dance. Be the wind as it moves through the trees. Close your eyes and just sway back and forth. Move!


Do something new, again and again.

In ancient indigenous cultures, tribal Elders would watch the people carefully, for signs of what they called, “soul-loss.” This was when parts of ourselves would go into hiding if left untended, much like a muscle when unused, gets weak. When the Elders would see this start to happen to someone, they would assign the person some ‘homework.’

Every month for one year, on the date of their birth, the person must do something they’d never done before. And this, would bring back the parts of the person’s soul that were atrophying. It brought back enchantment with life, because they started paying attention to finding new and creative ways of living and doing.


What are you paying attention to?

The secret to finding enchantment is to choose to stay aware, remembering to look for what you find beautiful, joyful, and fascinating in everyday living. It’s everywhere around us.

Go out and play kids! Let me know how it goes for you. From my heart to yours…

Love, Laurie

PS…I am not an affiliate for any of the linked programs, nor do I accept financial gain from acknowledging these folks. I’ve had direct experience with everyone I recommend and find their work in the world very valuable.



We just finished our first Sacred Drum making class!  It was very sweet, and so much more than just drum-making.

  • We sang songs and opened a ceremonial circle together, welcoming in guides and teachers from beyond the veils.
  • We took journeys together to meet spirit guides in the old-growth forests, and meditations to listen for the voices of those wanting to help birth the Sacred Drums.
  • The students journaled their experiences to help them re-member themselves to the work.
  • They wood-burned their own symbols and glyphs on the Inner Circle, and stretched and pulled to give birth to their Drums.
  • They met the spirit of their newly birthed Drums, and completed the day knowing how to awaken them when the time is right.

They birthed some incredibly powerful drums!  It was an absolutely amazing journey and one I’m in bliss to share again.

The next one-day workshop will be on August 13th in Gig Harbor, Washington.

Greatest blessings upon you, my friend!