Support Services


Having the support of a designer to work with you on a regular basis provides you with relief, knowing that your needs are being met in a professional and timely manner. When design is not your “thing” – having to undertake it yourself can be stressful and takes up very valuable time that would be better spent focusing on what you are passionate about doing.

Let your marketing reflect your heart-work with currency and authenticity.



Know you are supported.

Digital Tune-Up Services is a subscription for two hours of my time per month, dedicated to whatever you need. Auto-billed so you don’t have to think about it and I’ll send you a monthly email saying, “It’s time for your digital tune-up!” with a link on my calendar where you can choose when to book your time with me.

One month you may need website updating, but the next month you might use your time on branding, flyer design for your new event, or social media graphics and posting. You can feel confident that your marketing will reflect your heart-work with currency and authenticity. You may end your subscription at any time.